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Sponsorship as a potent force in the journey of life …A review of Omo-Ojo Ernest Ivie’s The Potent Force of Sponsorship

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

…A review of Omo-Ojo Ernest Ivie’s The Potent Force of Sponsorship

In choosing the title of his book, ‘The Potent Force of Sponsorship’, Omo-Ojo Ernest Ivie consciously uses the word ‘potent’ to demonstrate the power, efficacy, potency of the force of sponsorship, which, according to him, is “the very principle that rules the world”.

And the author demonstrates, in six chapters and 86 pages, that “the world runs on sponsorship” – it is there in the businesses/corporate world, entertainment industry, churches or religious organisations, politics, sports, etc. But there are also 15 preliminary pages that include endorsements, dedication and introduction.

The book, a bold attempt to change mindsets,answers the critical questions – Who is a sponsor? Why do we need a sponsor? Can you reach your zenith without a sponsor? Do we confuse a mentor with a sponsor? Does the world run on sponsorship? Is it scriptural and spiritual?

Going through, one cannot miss the nuggets that dominate the entire book, nuggets that essentially speak to the critical place of sponsorship in every phase of human life and career. But beyond these nuggets, the author calls readers to be strategic in positioning themselves to be identified by potential sponsors as, according to him, “Life without a sponsor cannot reach its zenith.”

‘The Potent Force of Sponsorship’ opens with an introduction, where the author emphasises that while having a mentor is good, a sponsor is actually more critical than a mentor. Indeed, he says, sponsorship is “the most useful of the success chains” as “all the coaching and mentoring” would be useless “if you do not have a platform to showcase all you have learnt”.“A mentor is good,” he argues, “but having a good mentor without a sponsor is time and energy wasted.”

The opening chapter, titled “Who is a Sponsor?”, traces the word ‘sponsor’ from its Latin origins and offers various definitions from different sources. Some qualities of a sponsor highlighted in this chapter include that a sponsor announces your arrival to the stage; makes room for you; sponsors are very impatient and very strategic; they are visionary – they see opportunities well ahead; they usually have big egos; they could charge a fee; they could demand rewards; and they do not operate based on emotions.

“Sponsorship does not happen by accident. It is deliberate, thought over, planned and executed. It takes a lot for someone to agree to undertake a sponsorship; it demands responsibility from both partners. Most times the person sponsoring must find value before embarking on the mission. It does not come cheap, it is expensive and as such you have to earn it, there are no emotions about it, which is why it is not a philanthropic movement,” the author says.

He goes ahead in Chapter Two to clearly distinguish between sponsors and mentors, two distinct roles, he says, people often tend to confuse. While “a mentor is someone inside or outside your organisation who can give advice, feedback and encouragement”, the author defines a sponsor as “someone within or outside your organisation who has positional and political influence to help you move your career or life forward. Sponsors provide leads to advancement and growth”.

Using Biblical examples, the author in the third chapter attempts to show that the world runs and has always run on sponsorship; that even God himself understands this concept and used it.

To illustrate this point, he cites the examples of Jesus and John the Baptist, David and Jonathan,Moses and Pharaoh’s daughter, Naaman and the Jewish maid (2 Kings 5:1-26), Rebecca and Jacob (Gen. 27:5-30), Joseph and the Cupbearer (Gen. 41), Ruth and Naomi (Ruth Chapter 2), Saul, the first king of Israel (1 Samuel 9: 6-20), Jesus at the feeding of the 5,000 (John 6: 1-10), among others.

Arguing that John was the sponsor of Jesus, the author buttresses his argument by pointing out that John announced Jesus’ arrival on stage when he said, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world”, and made room for Jesus when he said, “He will increase and I will decrease”.

The author says, “You can never tell where your next breakthrough would come from as the next person to you may just be the sponsor you have been waiting for; so do not despise small beginnings.”

He adds, “We all need leveraging, don’t despise the power of leveraging, it’s the difference why two people who set out on the same journey same day to the same destination arrive differently.”

In Chapter Four, the author, using contemporary examples, demonstrates that the sponsorship principle is a reality of our time which you ignore or hate at your own peril.

“This principle today defines the essence of politics, government, business, religion, entertainment, sports, etc. It is the single game changer or decider of who gets what, why, where and how. If you hate or fail to recognise and operate in this principle, your chances of succeeding and reaching your zenith are greatly diminished,” he says.

He cites the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa as an example of a sponsor in Pentecostal Christianity, Don King in world boxing, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in Nigerian politics, while he also uses immediate past United States President Barack Obama to show a great beneficiary of the sponsorship principle.

“You must strive to get to a position where your sponsor will believe so much in you and would have no alternative to you, which speaks volume about loyalty and trust. This principle is not ‘ojoro’ (deceit), this is how the world operates and your feelings cannot change it. Instead of being frustrated by it, key into this principle,” he admonishes.

In the fifth chapter, the author highlights some qualities one needs to develop in order to attract a sponsor. These include develop your skills (both hard and soft skills); humility to learn; patience; perseverance; loyalty, and trust.

“The path to sponsorship discovery,” he says, “involves a series of steps. Essentially, you must believe in this immutable principle of human existence as it governs the affairs of men. You must realise that life’s success is not only a determinant of the most skilled, most talented and most hardworking, but time and chance happen to men. It takes a lot of effort and focus to tap into this principle.”

In this sixth and final chapter, the author sums up the discussion using some personal examples to show how the sponsorship principle has worked in his life and calls his readers to action.

“My entire life has been about sponsorship; if it worked for me it can for you. Don’t go on this journey of life without a sponsor; the pains and headaches are too much to bear and it is certainly not worth it. Sponsors shorten time, distance, space and generally give you a leveraging advantage,” he says.

For the author, the sponsorship principle is something experiential. And like the author, if we also look very closely at our lives, we may see that the principle the author has espoused in the book is what many of us probably have experienced all along. At every phase in our lives or career, we have had someone speak on our behalf, recommend us for an assignment, a job or a position. The only difference is that we may not have given a name to it. And while we may have been thinking sponsorship is accidental, the author says it is not and calls us to be strategic as we go about positioning ourselves to be identified by potential sponsors.

Essentially, what the author has done in ‘The Potent Force of Sponsorship’ is that he has gathered our collective experience, using his personal experience and those of a few others, and given it a potent voice, an expression. It reminds one of what Alexander Pope says in his definition of poetry – or what he calls “true wit”: “What oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed”.


Nigeria set to benefit from Deep Sea Mining – Dr. Dakuku ...seeks support on capacity building

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Friday, August 11, 2017


The Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Dr. Dakuku Peterside has stated that Nigeria is set to benefit from the deep sea mining through effective harnessing of the opportunities by working with the International Seabed Authority (ISBA).

The NIMASA DG who made this known at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Assembly of the International Seabed Authority (ISBA) held in Kingston, Jamaica said that irrespective of the numerous resources in Nigeria, there was the need to work more closely with the ISBA in the area of seabed resources exploration.

Dr. Peterside who led the Nigerian Delegation to the event commended ISBA on its role in the optimal utilization of seabed resources among maritime stakeholders and solicited for assistance in the area of capacity building to survey deep sea and establish data base of mineral resources available for the benefit of all mankind. 

He stated further that the Federal Government is currently developing policies that will aid the harnessing of seabed resources and will be working closely with the ISBA.

According to Dr. Peterside, "the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Transportation is developing a country blue economy policy and strategy which will incorporate the sustainable development of the country's deep seabed resources".

Speaking further, he said at the moment the Nigerian Navy Hydrographic office has been undertaking hydrographic survey and charting of our maritime area, and added that in the same vein NIMASA is working with Nigerian Navy to effectively enforce the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea and other relevant international maritime instruments to which we are a party around our continental shelf. 

He also noted that, while seeking exploitation of the mineral resources within the Seabed off our national maritime jurisdiction, marine environment preservation and protection will continue to be given top priority.

Dr. Dakuku used the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Michael Lodge of the United Kingdom on his appointment as Secretary General of ISBA Council and Eugenio Joao Muianga of Mozambique on his election as President of the Authority's 23rd session. 

He added that Africa is proud of the feat of Eugenio Joao Muianga and pledged that Nigeria is ready to cooperate with and support the work of the Authority while looking forward to benefiting from available opportunities. 

The International Seabed Authority is an autonomous international organization established under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the 1994 Agreement relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The Authority, which has its headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica, came into existence on 16 November 1994, upon the entry into force of the 1982 Convention and as at July 25, 2016 it has 168 member countries of which Nigeria is one.

We Will Ensure Perpetrators Of Anambra Church Killings Are Brought To Book-Osinbajo

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Acting President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, has since been receiving regular updates on the status of investigations regarding the atrocious and mindless acts of violence yesterday at the St. Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu in Anambra State where worshippers were viciously attacked and a number of innocent Nigerians killed and injured.

The Acting President has been in touch with the Anambra State Governor Willy Obiano, police authorities and other security agencies, and assures that the perpetrators of the heinous crimes would be brought to justice.

Prof. Osinbajo condemns the despicable acts of violence, and commiserates with families, relatives, friends of the victims, the entire people and the government of Anambra State.

Ambassadors offer N1000 start up to fans in Western Lotto Mega Upgrade Promo

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Western Lotto Ambassadors
Celebrity brand ambassadors are offering their fans N1000 to join them in participating in the Western Lotto Mega Upgrade Promo that kicked off August 4 to last till September 5, 2017. 

The ambassadors say that the first set of 1000 up to 5000 fans that join them would get N1000 cash infusion into their accounts with Western Lotto to enable them participate in the bumper promo. 

Said Odunlade Adekola on his Instagram page: “If you go on and register with “Odunlade2017”, and send me your Western Lotto account ID, I will credit the Western Lotto wallets of 3000 of my fans with N1000 each within 24 hours, giving them the chance to play an array of international games where they stand a chance to win various prizes up to N15million. This is an initiative in partnership with Western Lotto to give back to my fans who participate”. 

Other ambassadors have similar messages on their Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook pages. 

Participating ambassadors of Western Lotto are Odunlade Adekola, Tuface Idibia, Ramsey Noauh, and Olamide and AY, Others are Paul Obazele, Kemi Afolabi, and Chinedu Ikedieze. 

Western Lotto is offering N169m cash winnings in the promotion running for one month. One thousand participants would win N50, 000 each, another thousand would win N100, 000 each while 30 lucky persons go home with N500, 000 each. There would be two winners of N2m each and a car each. 

Mr Elvis Krivokuca, managing director, said Western Lotto is excited at the buy-in into the spirit of sportsmanship and sharing by the brand ambassadors. “We want our customers to enjoy the thrill of playing and winning beyond what is on offer on the lottery. Each customer can win direct cash prizes from the promo as well as winnings on the lotteries in which he participates. We love to create opportunities.” 

Western Lotto is Nigeria’s largest gaming and entertainment company with a franchise to offer five international lottery games in partnership with UK firm Lot.TT. It entered the market on July 10, and the MD said the Mega Upgrade Promo is in line with its pledge to change the landscape of gaming in Nigeria while empowering its customers. 

Games on offer at Western Lotto include Powerball, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, UK Lotto and Mega Millions. Powerball is an American lottery game played every Wednesday and Saturday. Euro Millions is a transnational lottery played across Europe. The Euro Jackpot similarly plays across Europe. UK Lotto is also known as the National Lottery. It has served good causes in the UK. Draws for MegaMillions hold on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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