DigitalNews Today: Building Massive Awareness through Content Distribution: Rethinking Public Relations

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Building Massive Awareness through Content Distribution: Rethinking Public Relations

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I started my journey as a digital entrepreneur focusing on partnering with leading digital platforms such as Sendible and Votigo and though challenging, it truly has been a journey worth the while. My business is Digital PR and with a steady stream of new contents, digital disruption and advances in technology, my digital pr consulting firm is continuously devising strategic ways to improve visibility, engagement and consumption for our client’s contents. 

Since our evolution, Cihan Group has been able to offer a Digital PR service that takes advantage of new platforms and strategic tactics to get our client’s compelling stories into the digital communication space, right in front of their audience while producing results that far exceed expectations. 

Our goal is to help communicators of all stripes achieve their communications goals—from building awareness with existing and new audiences and gaining media pickup through content distribution and amplification, to monitoring mentions, managing online reputation and giving detailed analytical reporting on the reach and impact of each content.

The public relations professional that must remain relevant in today’s digital age must begin to learn how to leverage the juxtaposition of traditional channels with digital media and must consider whether their strategies can help clients reach this larger, more diverse audience surgically, spreading the story beyond existing footprints.

In this post, I share insights into the adaptations we made in executing our clients’ communications strategies.

The best way to garner exposure is to juxtapose the traditional media with the new media taking into consideration impactful digital pr tactics, digital tools and compelling content that will resonate with your target client’s target audience and that will help to build awareness, attract and monetize target audience.

One of such impactful campaign was the product launch of the First LTE Voice Service on Smartphone in Nigeria by Smile Communications, a leading pioneer of 4G LTE Broadband technology provider in partnership with Samsung. 

In an effort to drive massive awareness about the new product, to increase revenue through engagement, and to promote their new offerings to key influencers in relevant media outlets, we design a content distribution program and came up with a content strategy plotted against the buyer’s journey of their target audience and laid out a tactical roadmap to engage the audience with a regular cadence of communications. 

To achieve the set objectives and to accommodate the different channels and the different stages of the customer experience we deployed a combination of frequent Content Distribution, Amplification and Influence Marketing systems, tactically designed to Drive Awareness and Spark Engagement. 

Below is a snapshot of data collected for the online coverage on the Smile/Samsung Story from Smile's perspective.

- Smile Partners Samsung to Launch First LTE Voice Service on Smartphone in Nigeria

Story Distribution and Syndication Online
- The online content distribution was found on 224 online news sites and blogs, also had views from key prospect and target companies including Yahoo news, Google news and Trade Journals with a potential total audience of 169,051,908 unique visitors per day.

Visibility Metrics

Influence Marketing
- The launch recorded a total of 1,864 tweets in a single day from our network of influencers and generated 23,846,627 Impressions and 17,209 Web crawlers hits

Increase Awareness and Engagement
- Significant Increase in Engagement & Web Traffic, recording more than 373 engagements with the releases (shares, re-tweets, etc.).

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