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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As the Senate screens Nigeria's prospective ministers, perhaps someone is, or rather should be, taking stock along these lines:
I have cultic followership in the North
And expediency-motivated loyalty in the West
But can I keep doing just as I please
Seeing that the buck stops here?
I trumped the mantra of change
I made many fabulous promises
But I chose not to hit the ground running
And the buck stops here
My early appointments alienated the South
I wanted familiar people that I can trust
I neglected that on the issue of promoting unity
The buck clearly stops here
I sought for an immaculate cabinet
But in politics, you can't always call the shots
You've got to compromise or be trapped in a bog
Still the buck stops here
I have prioritized the war on corruption
Sought to instill discipline in public affairs
But the economy is haemorrhaging
I know, the buck stops here
I thought we were winning the war on terror
With surrenders and talks of negotiation
But a steelier approach is needed as recent blasts show
Certainly the buck stops here
The time of honeymoon is spent
Soon the ministers will start to work
But I need the support of all Nigerians
Even though the buck stops here
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2015

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