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Thursday, October 22, 2015

With the advancement of technology and a growing community of Nigerian netizens, it is time for us to be more relevant by using technology and social media as an effective tool of open and unrestricted communication for a more peaceful world. It was amazing therefore to find out Gaius Chibueze, a 27 year old Nigerian socialtechpreneur who gave an interesting but amazing awakening to Nigerians, nay, the entire world when he announced his decision to visit all his Facebook friends across the globe with the aim of promoting peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or peoples in the very midst of growing conflicts, wars, terrorism, displaced persons and vulnerable children.

I was equally attracted by the question posted by an online friend on her blog and I dare to ask the same question in this post due to the high value of its social capital: “Will world peace always be a “Utopian” dream? Is open unrestricted communication, amongst different cultures and across unlimited boarders, the way to achieve world peace? Are social media platforms and services slowly paving the path to a better, more peaceful tomorrow for all?”

Facebook as a tool, connects people from all over the world even in unexpected places. Here’s a look at how many new friendships formed over the last week.

Facebook has always been proud to play a part in promoting peace by building technology that helps people better understand each other. By enabling people from diverse backgrounds to easily connect and share their ideas, Facebook believes it can decrease world conflict in the short and long term.
The media has definitely become a powerful tool of mobilization to promote peace and to model peaceful problem solving as an alternative to violence. The noble initiative nick named Mr. Facebook World Tour, is an adventurous international peace tour designed to use the popular social media platform Facebook to cushion the effect of the turbulent circumstances around the world and to preach peace and the unity and oneness so much needed by the human race. The world is plagued by economic depressions, immigrant’s hazardous experiences, terrorism, child slavery, unfavorable climate change and poverty. Across the world we see frustration and pains on the faces of people. This project according to Gaius is to reach out in love and happiness in order to unite a world that will provide a better life for humanity.

The vision of Mr. Facebook World Tour is embedded in Gaius passionate desire and hope to see a nation (Nigeria) and a world filled with peace, oneness of purpose and respect for the human life. Gaius belief is that if people can shun racism, greed, ego, and religious fanatism and if poverty can be eradicated and education is given a priority in the scheme of activities, then the world will be a better place.

Social media is evolving and the pace of innovation and applications of social media to peace building has accelerated with Internet technology, social networking and mobile telephony. Part of creating communities that can advance peace building is harnessing the power of the media to draw people together, to promote conflict management and resolution, and to create the public will to change attitudes and behaviors. Social media further shows that there is an untapped wealth of people who want to support peace both in their own community and internationally. 
This probably explains why the Mr Facebook World Tour Initiative is receiving so much attention and commendation, mostly from netizens from different part of the world who are keen to use social media tools as a powerful tool in spreading peace and happiness and who are ready to be game changers. As the emergence of internal and external threats surrounds the world, there is no better time for such a noble initiative.

The Coca –Cola brand is widely regarded as a universal language as it is consumed in every nook and cranny of the planet. It has become the symbol of happiness and global unity.

It is therefore not a surprise that this world tour is packaged around the Coca- Cola and Facebook reach out audience.

Mr. Facebook Tour Mode of Outreach

Currently Gaius Chibueze maintains less than 5000 thousand friends cut across all continents of the world. He intends to officially start from his home country Nigeria and his home continent Africa. Arrangements will be made on how friends from all over such chosen location will welcome him at the airport or any Coca- Cola brand Office in such country. On his arrival with his media team, he will proceed to a mini event center already prepared where he meets, familiarize, educate, and share cans of the Coca-Cola drink with his Facebook Friends while other Facebook users in such cities will tag along to be part of the visit.

Such Facebook friends present will sign their names on an awareness board to indicate their stand for peace, unity and oneness of the world.

Activities during the visit will be shown live on television and other cable and social media channels as a reality Tv show, Where viewers at home can learn and also make comments and contributions to the project.

The project which is expected to be sponsored by Coca-Cola, Facebook, and other voluntary donations from online crowd funding social media users will among other attractions project a reality tv show that will regularly show the progress and activities of the program to interested subscribers.

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