DigitalNews Today: The Winlos' God Told Me To Marry You Narrative

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The Winlos' God Told Me To Marry You Narrative

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The winlos vlog has not only carved a niche as a leading vlog to watch in Nigeria but of particular interest to me is the series of compelling and hilarious video narratives tagged "God told me to marry you". These vlogs by the Winlos are not the exception, but the norm in today’s digital age.

With that, when was the last time you had a vision from God, heard His voice, or felt a prompting from Him? I have a hunch we've all heard His voice, but have simultaneously wondered if it was actually God, or just our intuition, a selfish desire or perhaps that third mould of pounded yam we had at night causing us to hear all kinds of voices as we sleep.

The truth is, a cacophony of voices beckons our attention each day, shouting to us from our laptops and televisions, movie screens and magazines and somewhere amid the clutter is the voice of God, whispering to us something altogether different, something more peaceful, serene and lovely..

With a myriad of voices competing for the decisions we make each day, how do we distinguish God's voice from all the others?

Are you just merely overzealous, desperate or a vicious manipulator trying to coerce someonelse into a relationship?

This compelling and hilarious video by the winlos speaks at the heart of this menace and they are in parts of 3 - “God Told Me To Marry You”. Part 1 and Part 2 and part 3

Have you met someone like this as a single lady or a single man?

Would you be bold enough to share your story?

Have you fallen prey to this viciousness before?

Finally, to the ladies, my admonition is that you ensure you locate your Proverbs 20:6 man and for the guys, don’t ever make the mistake of missing out on the Proverbs 18:22. Focus on the wife perpective and not the lady perspective. God’s Grace.

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