DigitalNews Today: Have You Ever Wished Your Relationship Was Like Another?

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Have You Ever Wished Your Relationship Was Like Another?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. -~Sam Keen
The Winlos never seizes to amaze me with factual narratives of different relationships with different scenarios having different impact. There are several conversations online and in real life circles about perceived wishes. This skit raises fundamental issues and indeed one which you probably you may have at one time or another wished or fantasied about. I love to repeat the open narrative of this skit by the Winlos and I dare to ask you that narrative question in this post, hoping you will give the right answers ... Have you ever wished your relationship were like another? What is your concept of the ideal spouse or couple? Is any two relationship and the circumstances thereof ever the same?

Real relationships are not romantic movies and for some newly married, it takes years for them to realize a relationship is indeed not a romance movie. Some do believe that their romantic relationships were less if they did not experience the kind of fairy-tale relationship that is being portrayed in cable networks.

Watch this hilarious slit by the winlos and when you are done, begin to consider what you must do, to make your relationship work and romantic as much as you can.

You can share your thoughts in the comment box below for others to learn and may be we can have a compilation of different thoughts that will help couples and intended couples.

For me, any marriage, no matter what a handsome pair the couple look, that fall short of the willingness to place God at the center of their lives and to give, take and share unconditionally, may most probably not work.

An interesting quotation on marriage says: “A man is a robot and his brain is controlled by various programs. He is born to fulfill certain obligations: to be a husband, a father, a driver, a bread-winner… A woman is created to manipulate him” How true? Just asking!!


  1. we live to learn,we learn to correct our mistakes,we correct our mistakes to make headway in life in other not to fall victim of circumstances,mind you there is no marriage that is made in heaven and there is no marriage without issues,union become so Rossy with high romance when the parties involved know their limit,marriage become so appreciable when fracas are settled within the four corners of the home to follow suit with apology in other when couple learn to say sorry. Imperfect partner are made perfect in marriage as there is no angel any where in marriage its the beholder that fashion out the angel he wants,thank you - Mojere

  2. Very apt. Well crafted my brother. Your comment is so inspirational and so true. The fact remains that when a partner comes into an amazing relationship with a presumed perfection, he/she only ends up making that relationship imperfect.

  3. True talk. All relationships are unique. Most times when we covert other people relationships, we do so in ignorance because we are not aware of the realities/challenges they live with. There is no perfect relationship, the differentiating factor is the anchor in the ship. If the perfect God is the anchor, the journey of imperfect people sails towards perfection as they learn of Him

  4. Some of their videos are inspiring and what one needs to kick the day with... Nice one the Winlos

  5. One thing I have come to realize in life is that we are all on unique paths. And, we do not help ourselves by comparing. There is simply no basis for comparison. No two relationships can be the same. Even, that of your parents will be different from yours. A lady who compares her husband to her father is bound to experience disappointment. So, I try to walk my path and resist attempts to compare (we all are guilty of it, aren't we?).

    1. Well written Iyabo. Every relationship is unique and there is indeed no room for comparison.


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