DigitalNews Today: Facebook tests news alert app

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Facebook tests news alert app

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Facebook is in the early testing phase for a separate news-focused app, according to multiple reports.

The app has been labeled “Twitter-like,” and will reportedly allow publishers to push news notifications directly to users. The app will be part of the company’s Facebook for Business initiative.

Business Insider first reported on the app. The site also included a screengrab of what the app may look like.

After downloading it, BI says, “Users will then choose partnering publications they want to follow on the app and topics (or ‘stations’ and ‘substations’) they want to receive breaking news alerts about. Facebook has apparently selected only a few companies to launch with.”

Those companies haven’t been revealed yet, but it seems that brands could have the opportunity to get in on the app in the future.

Publications will be able to send out 100-character news alerts to all followers that will contain a link to go directly to the publication’s website. There’s no word yet on what level of integration the app will have with Facebook’s standard user experience.

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