DigitalNews Today: 6 Powerful Reasons to Digitize Your Event Channel: An Emerging Digital Event Platform worth Considering In Africa

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6 Powerful Reasons to Digitize Your Event Channel: An Emerging Digital Event Platform worth Considering In Africa

Monday, August 17, 2015

We are in an era where brands, events management agencies and professionals must give serious considerations to event digitization as a means of driving engagement in the digital space and creating valuable experiences for attendees.

Segmented digitization is now a megatrend and one that must be seriously considered if one must cut through the clutter of noise in the digital space. The adoption and the process of taking full advantage of today’s digital tools to improve the value of events for attendees and organizations has slowly but steadily improved but sadly enough most businesses have failed to capitalize on the growing arsenal of technology designed to facilitate attendee engagement, personalization, lead gen, and marketing automation.

The events industry is increasingly complex in nature. Meeting and event planners need flexible solutions that can handle the variety of meetings and events they manage and promote. Management means measuring success, driving more value, and responding to attendees’ needs.

It was interesting to discover the City Gong, a Nigerian based event digitization platform that seems to assemble everything you need to create and manage events that attract and engage attendees while achieving your marketing objectives.

When evaluating an event management solution, an organization needs to make sure it will achieve their specific business objectives to drive attendance, increase value, and improve participants’ experience.

The City Gong Event Platform sets a pace for event digitization in Africa having recognized that the social media has become a key digital event marketing tool and marketplace.

It’s time to rethink how you create, manage and leverage events in your business. Attendees expect personalization and social media and mobile access, while marketing CMOs demand accountability and results.

Here are 6 big outcomes where City Gong can help event management and professionals digitize their events:

Targeted Reach: When the event channel is digitized, marketers have the data and technology they need to reach each buyer where they are in the sales cycle and actively guide them to the right information and connections. You are able to meet them in their own turf through the social sharing widgets.

Social Advocates Cultivation: By digitizing the event channel and using data captured throughout the event cycle to create personalized and delightful event experiences, organizations can turn existing customers and influencers into valuable promoters. This more meaningful event experience can inspire attendees to reach out to their networks, in turn building awareness and supporting the marketer’s brand.

Event Promotion: provides strong presence when people are searching for the event, so listing on search engines is key as well as encouraging social media sharing.

Pre-Event Engagement: Creating online buzz for the event and giving it the necessary visibility and activating relevant talking points. This extends the life-time value of the event and help with future promotion.

Power of Branding: Differentiate your events with social sharing and mobile apps and personalized content – while keeping complete control over branding and look-and-feel at all times while you can gain new insight into attendee interests with event behavior tracking

Cost Reduction: Reduce event marketing and promotion costs through smart sourcing and a standardized solution across your organization

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  1. This is what Nigerians have been waiting for.Its actually coming at the right time.We can now post our events and would be seen globally.


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