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Friday, August 21, 2015

Urology is a branch of medicine which primarily deals with all urine, kidney and reproductive organs- related problems. It is a surgical specialty which deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract, the male reproductive organs and the kidney. It is a surgical branch where we surgeons that treat these conditions.

Developments have continuously happened in urology over the last hundred years. We are trying to highlight those segments of development in urology which would make patient care easier either in terms of diagnosing the condition early or introducing treatments which are less invasive so that we reduce the pain, the duration of hospitalisation, ensure they return to work early and the amount of pain and the amount deformity on the scalp becomes negligible.

Similarly, when you look at various cancers, some cancers can be prevented. For instance, you can prevent lung cancers if people reduce smoking and start breathing better. Whereas many other cancers you can’t stop them but what you can do is to diagnose them early. When you diagnose them early, you are catching at a stage where they are curable.

The new advances in terms of the blood tests and scans we do, make us diagnose these tumours much earlier than you would otherwise understand.

Consultant Urologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Majority of the knowledge which we have in medicine today is something which we can transfer both by interactions like what we are doing today. What we are doing today is that our own experience of newer techniques and methodologies is been shared with our colleagues in this part of the world. Some of them may require newer technologies to be available physically here; some of them on the other hand can be done by satellite models.

Let us assume that I have operated a patient from Nigeria in India, I don’t need him to come and see me every time in India. There are the telemedicine systems whereby he can be at anywhere with an access to Skype or Teleconferencing and I can see his medical condition and offer medication as required.

Similarly today, what you find is that the surgical operations which I’m doing in India can be easily viewed through the satellite by colleagues in this part of the world. So, almost of the knowledge and procedures are transferable but to get ones hands on experience, one obviously needs needs to be present in those centres which requires a large volume of work because when the volumes are high, you end up needing much longer time to acquire that level of skill.

The common kidney problems which relate to stone disease formation, cancers, infections and others, wider studies would indicate that there are no specific regions in Nigeria where kidney related problems are likely to be higher. But across the country, what happens is, because the number of patients with high blood pressure or diabetes which are inadequately controlled, there is a higher incidence of kidney failure and of people requiring dialysis and kidney transplants.

The second is prostate cancer. Incidences of prostate cancer are much higher in certain races than the other. Among the Caucasians in the United States it’s quiet high, among the Chinese it’s the lowest. We the Indians and the Sothern Asians come somewhere near the Chinese.

People from the African and the Carribbean, we not only have higher rates of prostate cancer compared to the Indians but they tend be of a larger volume of cancers and seem to occur in relatively younger people as well. So understanding these diseases and the need for more aggressive treatment becomes more important.

Preventive Measures for Kidney Diseases

When look at kidney diseases, you would take about four common conditions. One is kidney stones, second is infections in the kidneys, third is the kidney failures and fourth is the cancers of the kidneys.
Talking of stones, one of the most important single step is that we must all drink a lot of water. If you drink three or more litres of water every day, then you reduce your chances of stone formation.

Similarly, once you have formed the stone, there are different types of stones which may require different dietary restrictions and some of them may even require certain medications to reduce the formation of stones. Coming to infections in the kidney, again, many of the urine infections do not necessarily affect the kidneys but if these infections are untreated or are associated with medical conditions which are not recognised, then they can affect the kidney.

Coming to the issue of kidney failure, what you would need is that early diagnosis and recognition of infections in the kidney- high blood pressure and conditions associated, diabetes and associated conditions, and use of pain killers in an unregulated fashion. When you address all these, you will certainly reduce the incidences of kidney related medical problems.

The basic mechanisms by which stones are formed, there are salts that are present in the body and when the concentration of the salts becomes more in the kidney that is when stones are formed. So if you dilute these by forming more urine it gets washed off the system and reducing this stone formation.


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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ultra-modern stadia, high-rise hotels
Dual carriageways, exquisite official residences
The substance of many a governor's legacy
Are the insignia of spurious development
Concentrated in cities, servicing the rich
Eliciting accolades while creating avenues for graft
But unmindful of the grassroots, failing to alleviate poverty
Decaying in time, to leave us where we were
Call it motion without movement, call it assembling costume jewelry
Where the masses are not the focus
Where education, health, wealth creation are not prioritized
What is dubbed development is mere song and dance
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2015

6 Powerful Reasons to Digitize Your Event Channel: An Emerging Digital Event Platform worth Considering In Africa

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We are in an era where brands, events management agencies and professionals must give serious considerations to event digitization as a means of driving engagement in the digital space and creating valuable experiences for attendees.

Segmented digitization is now a megatrend and one that must be seriously considered if one must cut through the clutter of noise in the digital space. The adoption and the process of taking full advantage of today’s digital tools to improve the value of events for attendees and organizations has slowly but steadily improved but sadly enough most businesses have failed to capitalize on the growing arsenal of technology designed to facilitate attendee engagement, personalization, lead gen, and marketing automation.

The events industry is increasingly complex in nature. Meeting and event planners need flexible solutions that can handle the variety of meetings and events they manage and promote. Management means measuring success, driving more value, and responding to attendees’ needs.

It was interesting to discover the City Gong, a Nigerian based event digitization platform that seems to assemble everything you need to create and manage events that attract and engage attendees while achieving your marketing objectives.

When evaluating an event management solution, an organization needs to make sure it will achieve their specific business objectives to drive attendance, increase value, and improve participants’ experience.

The City Gong Event Platform sets a pace for event digitization in Africa having recognized that the social media has become a key digital event marketing tool and marketplace.

It’s time to rethink how you create, manage and leverage events in your business. Attendees expect personalization and social media and mobile access, while marketing CMOs demand accountability and results.

Here are 6 big outcomes where City Gong can help event management and professionals digitize their events:

Targeted Reach: When the event channel is digitized, marketers have the data and technology they need to reach each buyer where they are in the sales cycle and actively guide them to the right information and connections. You are able to meet them in their own turf through the social sharing widgets.

Social Advocates Cultivation: By digitizing the event channel and using data captured throughout the event cycle to create personalized and delightful event experiences, organizations can turn existing customers and influencers into valuable promoters. This more meaningful event experience can inspire attendees to reach out to their networks, in turn building awareness and supporting the marketer’s brand.

Event Promotion: provides strong presence when people are searching for the event, so listing on search engines is key as well as encouraging social media sharing.

Pre-Event Engagement: Creating online buzz for the event and giving it the necessary visibility and activating relevant talking points. This extends the life-time value of the event and help with future promotion.

Power of Branding: Differentiate your events with social sharing and mobile apps and personalized content – while keeping complete control over branding and look-and-feel at all times while you can gain new insight into attendee interests with event behavior tracking

Cost Reduction: Reduce event marketing and promotion costs through smart sourcing and a standardized solution across your organization

Digital Sensibility, Sendible & Visible Intelligence: The Impact of Media Convergence to PR & ROI

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Today, the convergence of the media presents an often bewildering array of choices and opportunities for today’s professionals. How does the communication professional, the marketing professional, the PR professional, the new media journalist, the media professional and the communicator of today leverage on the benefits of the media convergence to scale media monitoring without the right digital tools for managing analytics, metrics and the ROI of any given communication
Change is one certain feature of the digital age and the biggest paradigm shift is the convergence of digital media and analytical tools. Digital media has evolved astoundingly over the past few years as much as the audience communication model.

Digital has also disrupted traditional models and businesses and brands are now able more than ever to reach a wider target groups in new and meaningful ways. Brands can now target their prospects, engage them in their own turf; monitor mentions of brand, react to negative sentiment on the social web, grow their business with powerful lead generation tools & Social CRM, while measuring the impact of communication and marketing efforts with in-depth analytics using tools like Sendible,

Today, ensuring the convergence of traditional and digital pr in communication programs and initiatives is now a necessity. Deploying this media convergence and using the right digital tool as a veritable means of engaging stakeholders and prospects has become the model of successful communication for today.

It has often been said that content is king while there is still a battle on weather amplification or visual content is the queen. The media convergence of today has been a combination of the Paid, Owned, Earned and now shared media and irrespective of who the king and queen is, having an in-depth insight of your target groups has become an essential component if brands must add value to the target groups and the most digitally sensible tool to use is Sendible.

The most amazing aspect of an insightful tool like Sendible is that it provides the needed detailed analytics and metrics for effective scalable digital communications.

The communication professional, the Marketing professional, the PR professional, the new media journalist, the media professionals and the communicator of tomorrow, including the brand that is desirous of joining the winning team in a digital era must focus on analytical insights to make sense of the convergence of the media and this is the next big thing. Being able to measure the impact of media coverage, digital media campaign efforts and what they add to the bottom line is where digital is headed.


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Friday, August 14, 2015

You don't know what you've got till you've lost it
So goes a wise familiar saying
But human wants, economists say, are insatiable
So we magnify our discontent till we are inconsolable

The legitimate aspiration of my kindred and neighbours
Inhabiting the land of the rising sun
To be treated fairly in their motherland
Is being hijacked by a youth in faraway England

Self-appointed messiah of Ndigbo and other eastern peoples
Commander-in-chief of a non-existent army
The insults and hate you spew will surely boomerang
None but you and your kind will your tirades dang

No country on this terrestrial ball is perfect
No family or community is either
But a bird in the hand is worth two elsewhere, I believe
And there can be no justice and fairplay except the past we forgive

We can't sow discord now and hope to reap harmony in El Dorado
We can't belittle constituted authority
And think we can thus build order and progress
But if we cherish the bird in the hand, we'll soar upwards by God's grace

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2015

Quality Banking and Insurance Experience for the Omni-Channel Consumer: The 7 Strategic Steps That Should be Considered

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This is undoubtedly the era of digital disruptions. An era that is characterized by the word ‘digital’ and having technology race more driven by the omni-channel consumer than the large organizations. Digital disruptors are serving custom­ers with better experiences and in order to com­pete effectively, established organizations must focus on the customer and optimize each experience, at every touch point across the customer journey.

As customers shift more purchase-related activities online, retail banks must overhaul former store-centric practices to meet the challenges of a digital marketplace. A trend to watch is the emergence of technology startups and companies, armed with smart people, deep pockets and big data and aiming to reinvent the financial services; threatening the traditional business models, ether real or imagined.

I have often tried to imagine what banking might be like if it were created from scratch with digital in mind. While digital immigrants may be tempted to wish this away, they will be doing so at the risk of their enterprise as the digital economy takes its place in the digital era with digital smart tools and strategies. However, below should be the smart takeaways for financial institutions desirous of positioning their brands in a digital economy.

Think Like Start-Ups: With the digital disruptions comes the opportunity for financial institutions to think like startups, focusing on both the customer experience and engagement. Banks and insurance firms need to engage a new generation of consumers, one built around digital natives and expect frictionless experiences, near real-time accountability, and continuity across digital and branch experiences and one that considers the customer journeys through the purchase decision.

The digital age and its disruptive antecedent have created a huge gap between the expectations of today’s consumer and the experience banks and insurance firms are able to deliver. The expectation of near instant gratification and resolution and a seamless purchase sign up and circle now seem to cut across the Generation Y, X and Alphas. Understanding that almost everyone today begins their journey as a digital consumer is a viable step towards embracing the opportunities this presents. Even tapping into social networks can help speed the application process.

Be a Media Creator: Your Audience. Your Story. Connect with your audience by evolving your content marketing strategy. In the developed nations, smart banks are starting to use social media trends to provide visitors to their landing pages online with more relevant content without having to dig into that person’s credit history. Digitizing the purchase processes is now a must and offers the banks and insurance firms an opportunity to creating a better experience for the customer.

Be “App’ified’: Think about “app’ifying” your services not products. Paying credit card bills online isn’t so much a transaction as opportunities for helping a customer manage their budget. That’s what apps need to focus on and that is a focal point on consumer engagement and empowerment. Recognize the need to be part of an open ecosystem with APIs that pull in information as well as send out. Across all of that, banks and insurance firms need to develop a non-stop marketing engine that’s constantly figuring out the next best action a customer will take and providing content for that.
Convert Social Engagement Into a Sales Funnel: We have always known that in the world of digital, content is king and there is a growing battle between visual content and amplification is no longer the end-goal of social media marketing but conversion in terms of sales and perception.

Be Part of an Open System: Recognize the need to be part of an open ecosystem with APIs that pull in information as well as send out. People most responded to the idea of how to look at financial institutions differently. Planning in many financial services businesses lacks a coherent strategy. Too often, digitizing processes is about reducing costs to serve. This is a mindset issue, and it’s about looking at opportunity not just productivity. The issue is that most banks and insurance firms are organized by products rather than organized by customers.

Prioritize Digital Investments: There is increasingly an overwhelming global concern on how to prioritize digital investments. People are wondering if social media is going to be a serious driver of value, for example, and aren’t clear whether it’s worth the investment. What’s missing is a strategic framework to help make those decisions: which segments do companies want to go after, what do they know about what really matters to those segments, what is it going to take to deliver a distinctive digital experience, where’s the value creation of that, and what does that imply for investment priorities. Without a clear answer to those questions, a company is going to have a hard time prioritizing – and getting value from – their digital investments.

Target the underbanked: As digital disruption continues at an unprecedented pace, there will also be an increasing drive towards digital in a way that will impact targeted campaign of segmented audience, competition, branch optimization, delivery, marketing and service usage

Identify Pain Points: There is more than ever an urgent need for banks and insurance firm to have the right digital solutions in place, thoughtfully built with today’s omni-channel consumer in mind. To improve the customer journey, banks and insurance firms must identify pain points and eliminate friction and what actions consumers may take when encountering these obstacles. I once got so disappointed with GTB’s mobile banking platform when I transferred a particular sum to my wallet. My account was debited but my wallet only got credited after 30 full days and several engagements with the Bank. Now for me, that actually ended my relationship with GTB mobile banking.

Facebook tests news alert app

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Facebook is in the early testing phase for a separate news-focused app, according to multiple reports.

The app has been labeled “Twitter-like,” and will reportedly allow publishers to push news notifications directly to users. The app will be part of the company’s Facebook for Business initiative.

Business Insider first reported on the app. The site also included a screengrab of what the app may look like.

After downloading it, BI says, “Users will then choose partnering publications they want to follow on the app and topics (or ‘stations’ and ‘substations’) they want to receive breaking news alerts about. Facebook has apparently selected only a few companies to launch with.”

Those companies haven’t been revealed yet, but it seems that brands could have the opportunity to get in on the app in the future.

Publications will be able to send out 100-character news alerts to all followers that will contain a link to go directly to the publication’s website. There’s no word yet on what level of integration the app will have with Facebook’s standard user experience.


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When a government is run without a road map
When the rulers seem to be learning the ropes
When issues are more complex than they deemed
And they can't say how they'll meet our hopes
What you have is governance by trial and error
When policy pronouncements are made on a whim
And constant reversals follow to clear the air
When campaign promises are qualified or disowned
And ad hoc arrangements become the order of the day
Then it's a bad case of governance by trial and error
But we should not fold our hands in despair
Or gloat and hoot that the government will fail
Nor should we offer blind allegiance
Pretending that all is groovy and swell
Or we'll be hurt by governance by trial and error
We should rather supplicate for the people in power
To assemble the best team and a great plan devise
We should offer our ideas; keep them on their toes
And as needed, commend, criticize or chastise
So we may be saved from governance by trial and error
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2015

Cihan Group Announces Launch of Sendible in Nigeria

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Lagos, Nigeria - Cihan Group, a leading digital media consulting firm and the solutions partner to Sendible, a global leader in social media management and marketing software, have announced the launch of Sendible in Nigeria. The partnership presents a tremendous opportunity for Cihan Group to provide its clients’ customers with highly personalized digital experiences in real time through the Sendible social media management and marketing Platform.

Sendible is a social media management, monitoring & analytics platform that helps companies manage their social media presence more efficiently. Sendible is an all-in-one social media management & marketing platform which will enable businesses and agencies in Nigeria to engage with customers across multiple social media channels from a single dashboard, monitor brands, competition and deploy effective content marketing.

Sendible allows users to simplify social media interactions with a view to engaging with customers, generating and developing sales leads and gaining valuable marketing insights on world leading social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It allows users to post, monitor, perform sentiment analysis, enables auto-following and auto-responding, and provides in-depth, detailed analytics on an extensive range of social media platforms. This partnership will enhance Cihan’s ability to help clients across all industry practices, execute Connected CRM by understanding their customers and serving them the ideal experience while boosting its technology infrastructure and backend analytic insight capabilities.

Celestine Achi, Chief Digital Strategist, Cihan Group

It features a host of new benefits, including social CRM, a unique feature that enables users to identify and understand prospects via social media channels. Sendible 360 is the only tool fully integrated with PeerIndex, an API that gives users more detailed analytics on profiles in terms of location, influencers, content shared, interests and followers, in order to segment and target prospects on these important variables.

Sendible’s partnership with Cihan Group is predicated upon the global quality of Cihan Group’s digital strategy development and implementation across the digital space and partnership with some other global digital brands such as The Cihan Group Votigo Social Media Contest Platform, US and Liquidnet, UK.

“One of the challenges that businesses face is reaching the right customers in the right way and managing social media can be daunting for any business, given the number of channels, users and amount of content generated. From online reputation management and customer service, to engagement and lead generation, however, the benefits of successful social media marketing plans are immeasurable,” says Gavin Hammar, CEO and founder, Sendible.

“Our partnership with Cihan Group is strategic as he brings with him not just an indepth digital media skills, but the web and tech knowledge that our target audience needs and wants as the media world shifts. It also allows us to more closely integrate social media management into the traditional PR landscape in Nigeria.”

Commenting on the partnership, Celestine Achi, the CEO and Chief Digital Strategist said: “I’m excited about our partnership with the top-tier social media management and marketing platform company and most especially for the launch of Sendible in Nigeria” “Working in partnership, Cihan and Sendible are uniquely positioned to stretch what’s possible in terms of delivering highly personalized and optimized experiences across channels to every individual and organization. Not only are we at the top of our field in Nigeria, but the Sendible platform represents the complete social media management platform around. It is my goal to make sure the users of the platform have the tools to not only generate online buzz and engagement for their campaigns, but also to turn a great publicity launch into a long-term mileage through real time analytics and monitoring that the platform enables.”

MY SWIPE AT JONATHAN - A poem by Edith Ohaja

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Since lots of people are still abusing Jonathan, I too will do my bit
Though he was declared loser and refused to contest the election results
Many people can't drink a glass of water or sleep at night without insulting him
Let's begin with the flawless elections that ushered him out of office
He appointed his friend and kinsman umpire and interfered with the process throughout
He has also been bitter in defeat, criticizing the new government at every turn
When you speak of corruption, don't you know he started it all?
He conceived, birthed, christened and nurtured this hitherto unknown plague
That is why some think the current war on corruption should begin and end with him
Why didn't he fight systemic corruption, if not that the whole thing was his baby?
He used antiquated systems of public service wage payments, thereby encouraging ghost workers
He couldn't even stamp out fraud in fertilizer distribution 'cause he'd never heard of direct e-wallet payment
And see how he bungled the war on insurgency by failing to involve our neighbours
He refused to declare state of emergency in the affected areas thinking it was a child's play
And he cut off funding to the military, made no effort to procure the right arms and ammunition
I'm still angry about the insurgency because he kept the West from designating BH a terror group
He initiated the Leahy law and invited Uncle Sam to scuttle an arms purchase deal in the Rainbow Nation
He didn't even buy arms from the two big Reds so we could retake land from BH and ensure safe elections
On the economy, he caused the shrinking of our GDP; we fell in our ranking in Africa and the world
He didn't revive our industries, not even the automobile sector or refineries
He failed to make us a preferred investment destination; what foreign investments did he attract?
Without power, the economy is paralyzed - cost of production multiplies and consumers pay dearly
Yet, he didn't unbundle and privatize the power sector or embark on capacity building for technical staff
He enjoyed maximum support and zero sabotage, yet he didn't build or improve capacity utilization of power plants
In the field of education, he left the almajiris to roam the streets and become tools in the hands of hoodlums
When he could have built schools and enlisted them to get an education fully funded by government
He didn't build a single tertiary institution, didn't establish TETFund; he left things just the way he found them
Coming to agriculture, he had a smooth-talking minister who didn't really know his job
Would you believe they did nothing about irrigation, mechanization and improved storage systems?
No wonder when this minister sought a job at the ADB, he was turned back with his tail between his legs
That reminds me of his crew - some inventive speaker said he ran a kindergarten presidency
Why didn't he look for renowned technocrats who he could harness their industry experience?
That is why the Finance Lady was censured by Yale and the SEC Lady lost a spot at the World Bank
Talking about ladies, he didn't fully recognize their worth or feature them prominently enough
His is the worst record in female representation in government in Nigeria to date
Even the Nigerian Defence Academy still does not admit ladies, all thanks to him
And look what he did with the press, refusing to sign the Freedom of Information Act
He had all the media on a tight leash, even enacting laws to kill free expression on the Internet
No one dared wag a tongue at him, one word and his hounds would pounce on you
A vintage maximum ruler he was with no desire to work within democratic ideals
He fought the independence of the legislature and judiciary like he'd never heard of separation of powers
And he spread fear in the land; political assassinations became the order of the day
I could go on and on but I'm sure you've seen so far what an odious ruler Jonathan was
And now that I've done the in-thing - joined my compatriots to take a huge swipe at him
I believe I can have some peace and find something better to do with my time
 An Illustration by Chigozie Joshua
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2015

Facebook unveils live-streaming, private responses to pages, Responsive Social Customer Service Brands To Get Facebook Badge

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Facebook recently announced a pair of new features that should catch marketers’ attention.

The first will be of note to any page managers that are tasked with replying to comments on their brand page. Previously, any replies to user comments were public. Facebook is now offering the option to take the conversation out of a public forum and into a private message.

My first thought was that this feature is great, but if others come to the page and see that questions aren’t being answered, that could pose a problem. Facebook addressed that very issue. MarketingLand reports:

To encourage the platform’s use for customer service, Facebook has created a new way to signal that a company is responsive, a badge stating that a Page is “Very responsive to messages.” Pages will receive the badge if they respond to 90 percent of messages and have a median response time of less than five minutes. Responsiveness stats will be based on data from the last seven days and admins will be able to view their Pages stats in Insights.

The other feature Facebook unveiled takes direct aim at Meerkat and Periscope, live-streaming apps that sizzled at the beginning of this year with a huge uptick in adoption, and then fizzed to become of interest to only a handful of users.

Facebook is rolling out a live-streaming feature, but it will only be available to certain celebrities. The feature is called “Live,” and if you follow a celebrity, you’ll get a notification when that star goes live with their video.

Users can then comment on, like and share the streams within their Facebook news feeds.

What could go wrong?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, Michael Bublé and Martha Stewart are among the first celebs to try the service. As Facebook continues to boost video content, the feature, if successful, could be offered to brand managers in the future.

Sendible Partners PRCAN, Cihan Group on Digital PR Training

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Gavin Hammar, Founder & CEO - SENDIBLE
Sendible, the Enterprise Social Media Management and Intelligence Platform company headquartered in London, has announced that its excitement to support the first-of-its-kind Digital PR and Social Media Communication Masterclass being organised by its partner in Nigeria, Cihan Group. Organised in conjunction with the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), the workshop will hold from September 9 to September 11, 2015 in Lagos.
Sendible, which provides an array of Social Media management tools in its all-in-one comprehensive dashboard, has agreed to offer free social media management platforms to all registered participants to assist them and their organisations stay one step ahead in the digital PR game. The service will also ensure beneficiaries are able to quickly communicate and engage with stakeholders across the digital space and respond to customers that voice their feedback via social channels.

Sendible is integrated with social engagement, publishing and monitoring platforms and tools that make social media communication effective and easy. It provides intelligent approach to proactively monitor social conversations, quickly identify posts to respond to and assign those posts to the right community managers or customer service representatives. Participants at the Digital PR and Social Media Communication Masterclass will see live demos from Sendible as part of the hands-on training.

“Effective social engagement is not just about responding to every complaint in social media,” said Gavin Hammer, Founder of Sendible. “It requires companies to stay laser focused on what’s important and to bring in the right team who can actually solve customer problems. Sendible’s accuracy in isolating and understanding all of the relevant posts from across the social web makes it possible to classify, route and assign action in a way that was never possible before.”
“As mainstream media is fragmenting into a multitude of channels and perspectives and becoming an ever-smaller part of our information input, organizations need to understand and get involved with the influence networks that really form decisions,” said Celestine Achi, CEO Cihan Group. “We are excited that this is one added value Sendible is bringing to the table for the benefits of registered participants” he further said.

PRCAN President, John Ehiguese, expressed delight at Sendible’s support for the workshop. “Participants are assured of valuable for the investment of their sponsors with the quality of the faculty as well as access to cutting edge facilities and strategies from renowned platforms,” he stated.

Achi, who is also Chief Digital Strategist of Cihan Group, leads a six-member faculty, which include O. C. Vince, an award winning author, facilitator, public speaker, a certified trainer with no less than 15 years corporate experience and achievements in three continents.

On the team also are Chuddy Oduenyi and Muyiwa Akintunde. A part-time lecturer at the Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Oduenyi is Managing Director of Compact Communications, a leading PR consulting firm. He was Head of Marketing, Dunlop Nigeria Plc and Director, Corporate Communications at Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) Plc. Akintunde, a PR trainer and CEO of Leap Communications, is the Vice President of PRCAN.

Also in the faculty are Lilian Nwobu, a blogger, social activist and founder of and Ikem Okuhu, a PR and communications expert, currently the Director, Reliks Media Limited and Founder of Brandish Online.

The workshop is expected to reposition current thinking in digital PR and social media communications in Nigeria.

Interested Participants and Organizations are to register online at or call Victoria on 08023626225

Jaiye Opayemi                                                         Celestine Achi
Publicity Secretary, PRCAN                                   Chief Executive Officer, CIHAN Group                               

Google Has Given Birth to Its Own Parent Company, Alphabet Sundar Pichai Named CEO of Google

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Credit: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg 
Google has gotten so big that it's formed a company to become its own new parent.

Google CEO Larry Page said Monday that he and co-founder Sergey Brin have created Alphabet, which will effectively become a holding company consisting of smaller companies including Google. Mr. Page will take the reins of Alphabet as CEO, Mr. Brin will become president of Alphabet and Google's de facto second-in-command Sundar Pichai is taking over as CEO of Google.

The reorganization appears to be an effort to clarify the lines between Google's core business and its endeavors that aren't directly related to building products against which it can sell ads. Those "other" endeavors include its work to develop contact lenses that can measure people's blood glucose levels, the connected-home business Nest, the internet service provider Fiber, its efforts to extend people's lifespans, its futuristic research division X -- which had developed Google Glass and more recently shifted focus to things like drone delivery -- and its investment arms.

"Fundamentally, we believe this allows us more management scale, as we can run things independently that aren't very related," Mr. Page wrote in a company blog post.

As for Google, things will stay roughly the same -- YouTube and Android, notably, remain part of Google -- except for one big change. Google will now be headed by Mr. Pichai, who had run Google's Android and Chrome businesses before being promoted to oversee all of Google's core products in October 2014.

"I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as [Mr. Pichai] is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations," Mr. Page wrote. "I have been spending quite a bit of time with Sundar, helping him and the company in any way I can, and I will of course continue to do that."

Mr. Page also explained the reason for naming the new company Alphabet, which will be the publicly traded entity (though it will break out Google separately in its earnings reports).

"We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity's most important innovations, and is the core of how we index with Google search!" he wrote. "We also like that it means alpha-bet (Alpha is investment return above benchmark), which we strive for! I should add that we are not intending for this to be a big consumer brand with related products -- the whole point is that Alphabet companies should have independence and develop their own brands." 

Source: ADAge

Be Digital Sendible. Be in Control of Your Brand

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We don't have a choice on whether we Do social media, the question is how well we Do it - Eric Qualman
Today's rapidly advancing technologies are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in the marketing paradigm. From newly empowered and super-informed consumers to expanding media channels and networks, firms need to reexamine their business models and proactively seek ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media continues to expand and change with new applications appearing every day. Its indefinable nature speaks to its ability to transform how we engage and interact with our audience in the digital age within the growing social enterprise.

In developing nations like Nigeria, the social enterprise have materialized in unprecedented capacities leading to disruptions in the traditional communication and marketing models and the recent political campaign revolutions that took the entire world by storm.

As social media revolution continues in its indefinable nature and today’s audience become much more ubiquitous than one could ever imagine, having a scalable social media management enterprise to manage this revolution and play smart on the digital space has more than ever become a subject of priority and is what the brand of tomorrow, the new media journalist, the Public Relations Professional, the CMOs and the social media manager inclusive should be more concerned about.

The speed at which these conversations are developed, amplified and syndicated by these newly emerged media creators – especially via social media – challenges traditional communications models, and demands a real-time, enterprise-wide system to keep messages, on point and integrated within a single point. An estimate of 5 Exabyte of content are created daily across the social enterprise giving the ubiquitous audience the power to shift control of your online reputation from your hands to theirs or your competitors.

However, the sheer volume of managing different social media profiles and the big data available can be daunting, and many organizations aren’t equipped to gather it, let alone analyze it to develop business intelligence or engage with the audience. And here comes in the power of the Sendible social media management platform with its magical tools that enables you to share compelling compelling contents that cuts through the clutter of noise.

As a digital strategist, my winning campaigns have been made much easier with Sendible which brings together the management and marketing of social media content in a single platform, making content marketing and data management across the social enterprise more integrated, more fulfilling and more impactful while enabling you to monitor mentions and measure same.

Find below 7 strategic advantages the Sendible platform enables for the ubiquitous individual faced with ubiquitous devices on one hand and for the brand or agency of today who wishes to leverage on its powerful tools:

THE 7 MAGICAL SENDIBLE ADVANTAGES (Extracted from the Sendible platform)
The Sendible Dashboard: Time is of essence for the ubiquitous entity. Why would you waste your valuable time and resources relying on multiple tools to effectively manage social media for your brand? “Sendible makes it easy to effectively engage with new and existing audience across multiple platforms, monitor your brand and track results from one dashboard. No other tools needed. Getting started takes less than 60 seconds and you now can prove the effectiveness of every piece of content you distribute. Quickly identify messages that resonate best with your audience and reach the most people.”

Publish to multiple social networks & blogging platforms: Sendible's easy-to-use composition tools, allows you to effectively create content that displays beautifully across all social networks and blogs. With Sendible you can now easily distribute messages to all of your social networks, blogs and mailing lists with a single click. Sendible's robust scheduling features make it easy to plan your social media strategy in advance and get insight analysis on your posts to suggest the best time for optimal engagement.

Workplace Collaboration: This is a great way for teams of all sizes to efficiently manage social media at scale. Seamlessly manage interactions between management, team members & multiple clients or create user hierarchies, manage permissions and setup approval workflows. For instance, you can assign time-sensitive tasks to other team members and departments. Spot a negative comment about your brand on social media? Assign this to the relevant person on your team for a rapid response or approve content before it's published on the social web.

Analytics: Evaluate the effectiveness of all of your social media activity. Sendible monitors your social profiles and content to produce great-looking, in-depth reports - with your own branding. Measure traffic as a result of your social media efforts and analyze data across multiple social profiles and channels and easily build presentation-ready reports with detailed analytics while keeping your clients in the loop with scheduled email reports.

Monitoring: With countless numbers of conversations happening across social networks every minute, it's impossible to manually track every mention of your brand, competitor or industry term. It's even harder to understand the overall sentiment of those posts without reading each one. That's where Sendible comes in. Monitor what's being said about your brand on blogs, news, social networks and in comments. Sendible's sentiment analysis tools highlight which mentions you should be responding to. This gives your business the edge. Every mention is an opportunity.

Sendible CRM tool helps you to generate leads from social media and convert opportunities into actual sales. Sendible's sophisticated prospecting tools enable you to build profitable relationships by targeting and collecting prospects on social media, based on specific interests and needs.

Sendible helps you manage the entire sales process from lead generation right through to nurturing and closing. With advanced prospecting tools that help you generate leads at scale along with Email and SMS marketing capabilities, Sendible provides you with all the tools needed to generate measurable results from social media.

Mobile: This is the power of sendible's social media dashboard at your fingertips that allow you to manage, monitor and measure your social media on the go! Post or schedule content to all of your social media accounts, blogs and mailing lists from the palm of your hand. Access reports and analytics on the go.

Have You Ever Wished Your Relationship Was Like Another?

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. -~Sam Keen
The Winlos never seizes to amaze me with factual narratives of different relationships with different scenarios having different impact. There are several conversations online and in real life circles about perceived wishes. This skit raises fundamental issues and indeed one which you probably you may have at one time or another wished or fantasied about. I love to repeat the open narrative of this skit by the Winlos and I dare to ask you that narrative question in this post, hoping you will give the right answers ... Have you ever wished your relationship were like another? What is your concept of the ideal spouse or couple? Is any two relationship and the circumstances thereof ever the same?

Real relationships are not romantic movies and for some newly married, it takes years for them to realize a relationship is indeed not a romance movie. Some do believe that their romantic relationships were less if they did not experience the kind of fairy-tale relationship that is being portrayed in cable networks.

Watch this hilarious slit by the winlos and when you are done, begin to consider what you must do, to make your relationship work and romantic as much as you can.

You can share your thoughts in the comment box below for others to learn and may be we can have a compilation of different thoughts that will help couples and intended couples.

For me, any marriage, no matter what a handsome pair the couple look, that fall short of the willingness to place God at the center of their lives and to give, take and share unconditionally, may most probably not work.

An interesting quotation on marriage says: “A man is a robot and his brain is controlled by various programs. He is born to fulfill certain obligations: to be a husband, a father, a driver, a bread-winner… A woman is created to manipulate him” How true? Just asking!!

Instagram just made a major move that will turn it into a huge advertising business

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API (application programming interface). It's a major move for the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app that will almost immediately help transform it into a major mobile advertising business to rival Google and Twitter.

The third-party partners now plugging their software into the API made a coordinated announcement about their involvement on Tuesday morning.

By opening up an API to partners, marketers can now — for the first time — start buying Instagram ads and planning their Instagram marketing in a more automated fashion, alongside their other digital ad buys on Facebook or Twitter.

Before, buying Instagram ads was an exceptional case in the media plan that required contacting an Instagram sales representative directly. That meant Instagram advertising was mostly limited to those willing to make big investments in both budget and time. Starting soon all advertisers can plan Instagram campaigns alongside their other digital ads and cross-promote, plan, and monitor their Instagram marketing activity — including photos that aren't paid-for ads — across other social networks, all in a self-serve fashion, using third-party platforms.

The Instagram Ads API is the latest in a series of moves the platform has made to start opening up the money jets. Back in June, alongside announcing the API test, Instagram announced that all of Facebook's ad-targeting tools will be opened up to Instagram advertisers. In the same month it also launched "Shop Now" buttons and other messages for advertisers to link outside the app. And earlier this year Instagram introduced "carousel ads," allowing marketers to fit more images into one single ad.

Analysts and researchers are extremely bullish about the potential for Instagram to become a major advertising business. EMarketer predicts Instagram is on track to generate $595 million in advertising revenue this year, and by 2017 it will be on track to surpass Google and Twitter in terms of US mobile display ad revenues.

In a research note published last month, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicted Instagram's ad revenues could reach near $1 billion in 2017, rising to as much as $3.86 billion by 2020.

The Instagram Ads API 'is one of the most anticipated moments in the evolution of advertising'

Social media management company Hootsuite explains in a press release why the new feature will be so useful for marketers: "This integration will also make marketers and social-media managers more efficient as they will no longer have to switch between their phone and computer to track all aspects of a social-media campaign. For example, if a new product is launched, responses to comments and engagement with users on Instagram can be carried out from the same window that is being used to engage followers on Twitter and Facebook. Everything is in one place."

Ads API partners that have been announced so far include some of Facebook's biggest marketing partners: Kenshoo, Brand Networks, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Unified, SocialCode, 4C, Nanigans, and Ampush.

Jamie Tedford, Brand Networks CEO and cofounder, said in an emailed statement that advertisers had been "eagerly awaiting" the chance to bring their content to Instagram.

"Now, Instagram is bringing on experienced Facebook Marketing Partners to help brands use the same advanced Facebook targeting tools to create and deliver relevance-driven ad campaigns that increase ROI [return on investment] by reaching the right audience, at the right place and time," he added. "This is one of the most anticipated moments in the evolution of advertising, and we expect the platform’s offering will continue to expand rapidly."

Tuesday's announcement is just the first round of companies joining the API, with more expected in the future.

An Instagram representative said: "The Instagram Ads API will help us make ads more relevant to the community, serve more diverse business objectives, and make buying on the platform easier for advertisers. We started working with a group of Facebook Marketing Partners a few weeks ago and they've brought great experience and technological savvy onto the platform. We'll continue to build upon the Instagram Ads API in the coming weeks and months."

Source: BrandChannel

Why Content Marketers Need to Think—and Write—Like Journalists

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The web is inundated with less-than-meaningful content. And it's marketers' and publishers' jobs to share a message that breaks through the clutter. That's always been a tough job, and it's not getting any easier.

Interactive content has been known to present the most powerful way to create meaningful experiences for your audience.

Below is a guest post by Kevin Johnson on brandchannel that captures my thoughts:
It’s no surprise that more and more digital marketing agencies are hiring individuals with a background in journalism rather than marketing. In an age where content is king, the fact remains that for the content to do anything worthwhile, it has to be good. And while a traditional marketer may have the skill set for writing tag lines or the copy for radio ads, most journalists are better prepared with the skills to make content marketing truly stand out.

When it comes to creating quality content marketing, many advertisers seem to fall into the trap that they are simply producing ads on a digital platform (as many disastrous “promoted content” pieces on Buzzfeed so easily demonstrate). Yet this mentality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Content marketing tries to give consumers something of value, like news or entertainment. That way it’s not an annoying interruption but it contributes to the conversation and giving the audience the information that they want.

In recent years, many advertising agencies have adopted what is more of a “newsroom” mentality to produce content marketing that will meet this criteria. Writers are not copywriters, but brand journalists. The agency’s goal is not to produce glossy magazine ads or shoot high-concept TV spots, but rather to write journalistic articles and provide other forms of digital content (such as videos and infographics) that appeal to a certain segment of a particular brand’s target audience and help build SEO.

The background provided in journalism lends itself easily to some of the chief goals of content marketing—namely, to provide valuable, interesting information to a consumer. The most successful news publications know that there is more to journalism than reporting on breaking news—stories must be told in a way that will draw in readers and keep them coming back for more.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Hootsuite and Red Bull have all embraced this mentality by creating videos, providing unique articles and even conducting interviews that are then shared through brand-owned and third-party publishing platforms. 

So how do traditional marketers fit into this world of journalistic marketing? They don’t—at least, not very easily. In a recent article for the Wall Street Journal, Jeff Koyen, editor-in-chief of mattress company Casper’s content marketing platform, made his views quite clear: “I’m hiring journalists; not marketers.”

So what can traditional marketers do to make sure they’re not left behind as content marketing continues to rise in importance? It’s quite simple, really: think like a journalist.

Here are four tips to getting started down the path to crafting content marketing that works.

Write for an Audience
Too often, content marketers merely attempt to regurgitate marketing materials into article format. Pieces that focus on reminding readers that, “Here at [business], we’re proud to offer the best [product or service] to fit your lifestyle!” quickly come off as shallow, fake and worthless.

The trick here is to realize that with content marketing, you are no longer necessarily writing as the voice of the brand—more often than not, you’re writing as if you were a third-party journalist, which makes a direct sell a big no-no. Learn what type of news and information appeals to an audience, and then provide your own unique insight. Which brings us to point number two…

Look for the Unique Insight
Chances are, there are already several hundred (if not thousand) articles covering the exact same topic you are trying to use as content marketing fodder. And while simply getting a link online does constitute content marketing, getting that article read and shared by an audience does a lot more good for a brand. Even with so many articles that have already been written on a particular subject, chances are there is an angle that hasn’t been covered yet. Find that unique perspective and use it.

Be Accurate
Creating a solid piece of content marketing often requires its fair share of research. But the sad truth is that there is so much content on the web—especially in the world of content marketing—that is woefully inaccurate. Simply scanning Wikipedia would not cut it for the Washington Post, and it shouldn’t be considered sufficient for your content marketing purposes, either. Make sure any information you use in your pieces is accurate. Established industry leaders are going to provide much more authority to your content marketing than a quote from an unknown blog.

No one can become a great writer without reading. And with a seemingly unending source of material available both on- and offline, there is ample opportunity to read—and learn—from other writers. Learning from the best allows you to not only strengthen your own writing style, it will help your content reach and appeal to that oh-so-precious audience that is the ultimate goal of all content marketing.
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