DigitalNews Today: Skills That Will Define The PR Professional of The Future

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Skills That Will Define The PR Professional of The Future

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Digital disruption refers to changes enabled by digital technologies that occur at a pace and magnitude that interrupt established ways of value creation, social interactions, doing business and, more generally, our thinking.

It can be seen as both a threat and an opportunity. Indeed digital disruption is a threat to traditional organisations that currently hold market share in an industry ripe for transformation.

According to the 2015 World PR Report, digitally savvy, creative, content makers will hold sway and 

I quite agree with Arun Sudhaman, partner and editor-in-chief at the Holmes Report, that one theme that remains as important as ever for the PR industry, as it grapples with digital disruption has always been the needed skills and competence for the PR Agency of the future. 

Below are the definite skills that will define the PR professional of the future and that will be the most relevant for PR executives in the world of the converged media. This position was also well captured in the World PR Report research study and represented in this post in order of importance.

  1. Social Media Community Management skills rate 39.7%
  2. Creativity skills rate 39.3%
  3. Multi-Media Content Creation skills rate 38.9%
  4. Insight and Planning rate 38.9%
  5. Measurement and Analytics rate 31.0%
  6. Digital Build and Production skills rate 23.0%
  7. Digital Crisis Communication skills rate 17.5%
  8.  Media Relations skills rate 15.1%
  9. Marketing and Business Development rates 5.8%
  10. Research rates 5.6%
  11. CSR rates 4.0%
  12. Paid Media rates 3.2%
According to the holmes report talents remain the biggest challenge facing the global PR industry and are mostly areas where the PR industry has struggled to build critical mass in terms of capability.

Critical also to the PR Professional of the future must be the under listed skills which was not captured in the world report. The PR Agency of the future must also be Knowledgeable in the following:
  1. Influence Marketing;  
  2. Content Marketing; 
  3. Digital Intelligence for Reputation Management
  4. Digital Engagement
  5. Real Time Digital Communications and 
  6. Compelling Storytelling Skills.

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