DigitalNews Today: Using Social Media to Promote and Grow Your Business - Celestine Achi

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Using Social Media to Promote and Grow Your Business - Celestine Achi

Monday, June 29, 2015

This piece was inspired by the call I received this morning from an emerging entrepreneur seeking to know how he can grow and promote his business using social media.

Perhaps you have often wondered how to promote and grow your business using social media and desire to know where you can put your precious efforts to be most beneficial. This piece is for the treasure aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs aimed at underscoring some relevant tactics you can deploy to promote and grow your business.

It is becoming abundantly clear that social media marketing is necessary for business survival. The digital marketplace is no longer a pond where only big companies can swim. Small and medium size businesses now have the means to execute strong social media marketing strategies right alongside their bigger competitors.

With this level playing field in place, it is important to recognize which social media marketing strategies will work best for you.

An integral part of the social sales process is getting to know your prospects and establishing relationships—and it turns out that social media can help you accomplish this quickly and easily.

So how can you use social media to promote and grow your business?

Get Social
Businesses are continuously trying to understand the full potential of social media and it’s impact on the sales cycle. Having a good or great social media presence can help your business grow like wildflowers. But, this will only happen after you develop a large following and learn how to give them what they really want. 

In a recent report published by Salesforce, social media landed the top 3 spots out of 5 areas where marketers are said to increase their budget for 2015. If any company (regardless of size) wants to remain competitive, it is apparent that an investment in social media is pertinent.

The increase in investment in social strategies is due to a clear rise in ROI. In fact, 85% of businesses are enjoying return from their social media efforts. Facebook and Twitter are, and will continue to be, the most engaging social platforms, with LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube not far behind.

Make sure your posts are consistent, creative, and engaging. At the end of the day, social media increases brand awareness, promotes loyalty, and boosts sales and therefore it is here to stay.

Get Mobile
In a day and age where 91% of adults have their cell phones within arm’s reach at all times, companies stand a significant chance of being seen or found via mobile device.

Over the last few years, having mobile friendly sites and content has been on the horizon; however, Google’s new ranking requirements have companies racing to get their websites mobile.

Along with search results and text messaging marketing, mobile friendly marketing promotes on-going email marketing campaigns, with one-third of consumers admitting they read emails on mobile devices. Clearly, the only way to stay competitive in the digital arena is to be mobile.

Get Discoverable
Know where your customers hang out on Social Media.

There are a variety of social media sites that serves different needs. Social advertising and paid search makes it easy for people to find you, review you and patronize you based on the type of business you’re in.

Don’t waste time chasing after customers where they’re not, find the where they already are. Look out for specific niche sites that focus on your industry.

Get Smart
Clearly understand your goals before spending that extra money. 

Most social media sites are free to use, and most offer paid ads or upgrades for better visibility. Spend your money on relevant social networks and targeted messages that will bring your business, not on generic Facebook and Twitter ads.

Get Strategic
A few years ago, driving traffic to a website or landing page was the major digital goal for most companies. 

Today, there’s a paradigm shift: you can use social media to build a community with customers over time, stay top of mind, and hopefully convert them at some point down the social selling cycle.

Get Shareable
Create shareable moments and to truly understand the power of your social media efforts.

Look at sales, leads, new customers, reservations and reviews. The next step after that is to ask yourself, “How can I inspire people to share their experience with my business?

Get Relational
Build relationships and take them to the Next Level as online marketing is growing and changing at an incredibly fast pace. It’s impossible to predict what new methods of marketing will be available in the future, but being innovative with your marketing strategies could keep you ahead of the your competition.

With social and mobile marketing being clear front-runner strategies, why not try combining these efforts with other businesses practicing the same approach? Take your business relationships to a new level by agreeing to cross promote.

How do you get started? Choose businesses that create content that can be easily associated with your product and services. Agree to allow them to create a blog to post on your website and social media channels and have them do the same for you. This cross promotion tactic can significantly increase the audience viewing your posts.

Get Content Addicted
Social media is used by 87% of content marketers to carry out B2B content marketing tactics. Every platform has the potential of being a highly effective way to start new relationships and nurture existing ones. With compelling and educational content, businesses can also use social media to differentiate from competitors and show expertise in an industry or subject area.

Although each platform appeals to different users, each one offers a unique and instrumental way of disseminating content that users can respond to or share.

Reach Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube audiences with targeted social ads. 

Custom designed social pages and engaging content will keep your brand front of mind. Build one-to-one relationships with your customers and increase your audience with custom page & professional written content.

Get Connected
Determine and find out where (the social platforms) your market is having conversations, and then begin the process of connecting and interacting with them. Facebook page is one of the best arenas for business to consumer sales.

However, with the recent change to Facebook’s algorithm, you may not get much visibility without considering social advertising to increase visibility and sales. It’s all about engaging with the community, presenting products in fun and interesting ways, and offering a collection of images and posts that appeal to the lifestyle of your end-user.

Connect with individuals and brands with profiles that match your clients’.  You do this by conducting a search on each social networking website or use a resource like to find people who are talking about your industry or using related keywords. Once you do this, ensure you connect with them, comment on their posts, re-tweet them, answer a question or share something they say. By contributing to their conversation you add value to their network and the connection becomes much easier.

Get Engaged
The most important thing you need to do is to Focus on Engagement by developing relationships which invariably turn into leads. People share a lot of information, and if you monitor and listen to what they are saying, you will eventually be able to engage in a meaningful conversation with them.

Once you develop a relationship, you can tell the prospect how your product or service might be something they want or need or a list of solutions to the challenges their business faces and how your service can help.

Get Measurable and Analytical
Be sure to monitor and measure in a meaningful way. Monitoring is an important component of your social media strategy. Mentions and Google alert are free tools recommended for monitoring on the go. Benchmark your share of voice against your competition and find your advocates.

Understand which social marketing campaigns preformed the best and why and get to know who your customers are and where they are located, what their interests are and how social is affecting website traffic. Understand exactly which campaigns, mentions and content led to conversions or purchase consideration.

Even with these tips, finding the perfect balance of getting to promote and grow your business on the social media is key to success. Are you looking for a complete overhaul of your current strategy or looking to augment your existing efforts? I am here to help. Send me a mail @ to schedule for a free consultation.

In conclusion, deliberately watch what happens when you leverage your brand on social media. If you do it right, you can grow your business and make friends along the way

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