DigitalNews Today: Social Media Engagement As A Reputation Enhancer - Celestine ACHI

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Social Media Engagement As A Reputation Enhancer - Celestine ACHI

Monday, June 8, 2015

Long disparaged as a forum for sharing silly videos and endless opining, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly important to company bottom lines. Social Media conversations allows companies to take the public’s pulse on critical issues while providing a new opportunity to engage interested audiences quickly and cost effectively. 

The changing media landscape, in which digital channels are challenging the supremacy of the traditional print outlets, means that companies and brands that ignore social media are doing so at their own peril Engagement is one of those buzzwords.  But it's a buzzword that has staying power. Brands are now paying more attention to consumer engagement over the conventional transactional engagement. There will certainly be more emphasis on companies interacting and influencing their social following in the coming years.

When it comes to social media, many people immediately think about cat videos or friends “checking in” at the newest restaurant down the street. Many Facebook news feeds are filled with friends, new and old, complaining about their latest flight or sharing a photo from a recent vacation. 

Buried within those layers of trivial content, however, is not only a world of breaking news and current events but an opportunity to engage audiences constructively and proactively. For those who take the time to learn how to use these platforms to their advantage, there also is a chance to assess — and possibly influence — the public discussion around issues that are critical to a company’s success or failure.

This type of engagement on social media can protect and enhance a company’s reputation, stave off and correct misinformation about its operations, and ultimately help preserve a company’s influence to have control of the conversion path. 

The following are certain rules of engagement to consider when it comes to social media engagement:

  • Content is King and Amplification is queen: strong content and engagement keeps your audience captive, allowing you to reach them, as well as their secondary connections, with marketing messages 
  • Become the brand and Represent your brand
  • Focus on interaction and avoid transactional engagement
  • Join the conversation and carve a niche
  • Become an authority for the industry you represent through effective content deployment
  • Become a regular and show up to social brand conversations
  • Be consistent and present

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