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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Digital world makes everyone especially friends and fans just a few clicks away. The forthcoming 2015 General elections in Nigeria is currently trending online with millions of conversations across the social enterprise which has unfortunately as it seems thrown up so many issues from the friends that becomes political enemies in a cold war they do not really understand to the friend and fan who feels so irritated by that photo or comment tag. 

Tagging has always been a great way for sharing photos and posts with others, but sometimes it can seem like an invasion of ones privacy especially if it is obscene, abusive or does not conform to ones principles and agenda. 

You have however been tagged by a friend in a photo or posts that you don’t think is necessary or appropriate, and want to remove that tag? What do you do or how do you ensure you sort this out without overtly becoming angry or upset? Here are two options I would personally recommend since it is wiser and more strategic to be proactive. 

Option 1:Review tags before they appear on your timeline:
If you wish to avoid getting tagged by someone without your approval, you might as well take a look at your privacy settings. Go to your timeline and tagging and change the settings. Perhaps it would be better to ‘approve’ the tags first rather than getting automatically posted then removing the tag now and then. Manage your account as you make necessary changes on your settings. Take note that blocking, unfriending or unfollowing someone will not automatically remove the tags.

Option 2:             Review tags before they appear on Facebook?
 If you wish to ensure that someone who you're not friends with does not add a tag to one of your posts, then all you have to do is to turn on tag review to review tags friends add to your content before they appear on Facebook. The only caveat here is for you to remember that when you approve a tag, the person tagged and their friends may be able to see your post.

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