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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The digital journalist needs a new skillset and a new mind-set to become digitally savvy with the ability to think digitally

With the growing popularity of the broadband, media houses no longer have to wait for the evening broadcast or tomorrow's edition to report the news. Broadband has also empowered citizen journalism in breaking stories on different platforms, and the news cycle has become 24-7. Journalists need to change, as well if they must take their rightful position in a word netizens are set to take over.

The future journalists need to have the ability to think digitally. Find below the 5 critical skillset for the digital journalist of tomorrow:

The Digital Journalist MUST be A Multimedia Storyteller:The journalist that will be relevant tomorrow must be able to use the right digital skills and tools for the right story at the right time with high-end digital skillset and mindset; knowing how to use words, visuals, audio, video, interactive graphics and slideshows. He must also be able to do stories in many formats, but specialist in one.

The Digital Journalist MUST be A Community Builder:The digital savvy journalist must learn to facilitate interactive conversation and be a community manager that is able connect audiences.

The Digital Journalist WORKS Collaboratively:Knows how to harness the work of a range of people around him/her - colleagues in the newsroom; experts in the field; trusted citizen journalists; segments of the audience, and more. He doesn't try to start every story from scratch - can work collaboratively with existing material and concentrate, when necessary, on advancing the story.

The Digital Journalist MUST be Social Media Savvy:News will be gathered via the socialisation of news and with Social Media growing increasingly pervasive and prominent due to its ability to dramatically raise faster awareness about an event, a divide now exists between the awareness of the event and its report by a journalist. Becoming social media savvy and using the social enterprise to listen and not only broadcast becomes very important for the journalist who must find new story ideas, trends and sources, connect with audience(s), bring attention and traffic and help them create, craft and enhance their personal brand

The Digital Journalist MUST be a Curator and Blogger:The journalist should make a conscious effort in developing a personal voice and becoming an authority in his beat. He is a curator of Web content, a participant in the link economy who Knows value of speed and SEO and builds a community

The Digital Journalist MUST be a Mobile Superstar:Preparing for a mostly-mobile audience is becoming a huge part of the journalism business now. The world is rapidly moving towards a ubiquitous connectivity that will further change how and where people consume media. The days of desktop superiority are over. As news content moves from desktop to mobile devices and the expectations of real-time information increases, audiences are beginning to seek news visualizations for their on-the-go, fast-paced lives, viewing them on a variety of devices in a variety of contexts.  You have to know how your readers are consuming news on their devices to best produce news on yours.

What that allows you to do is be prepared to capture an important moment – you can’t fumble in breaking news situations, and everyone from reporters to editors should know how to use their devices

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