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Blend Digital and Traditional for Greater PR Impact

Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 No comments

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

People expect traditional events like tradeshows or press conferences to be wedded with digital media. The expectation creates more work for you at the outset, but the return is infinitely greater.

Integrating digital and traditional provides content for your PR initiatives and produces greater awareness and coverage.

To blend the two media types, create content for before, during and after your event

  1. Before. In addition to sending email invitations and special offers, place content at relevant sites to generate buzz and attention. It’s the “snowball effect”; the more content you add to your PR ball, the larger and more noticeable it becomes.
  2. During. Invite attendees to share their own stories. You might use an online submission form, but don’t neglect visual media. Establish your hashtag prior to the event, and ask people to share their images and video on social.
  3. After. Write event recaps, curate the content people submit, and craft “best of the best” posts. Also remember to ask attendees for feedback, and analyze the data so that you can produce a better event the next time
  4. Events aren’t a single point in time anymore. Create content for your audience and the media before, during and after to achieve greater results
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