DigitalNews Today: September 2013

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Digital Media Seminar Date Change and LEAD Facilitator/Keynote Speaker Announcement

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Friday, September 27, 2013

The iDigital Media Seminar which was previously scheduled for October 2nd to 4th, 2013 in Protea Hotel, Lagos has been changed to Wednesday, October 23rd to 25th, 2013 to give more delegates enough time to register.

We are also pleased and most excited to announce that Canada-based SAM FIORELLA, who is ranked one of the top 50 marketers in the world by UK’s Kred, an influence marketing platform, has been confirmed as the lead facilitator for the iDigital Mastering Digital Marketing seminar, organised by Cihan Group and supported by Sendible. Sam is also the author of 'Influence Marketing: How To Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media,' ranked among America’s top 100 business books by Neilsen Bookscan. Please click here to reserve your spot today!

Sam is a partner at Sensei Marketing, a consulting and technology firm focused on aiding global companies grow their business value through improved customer experiences. He’s a 20-year sales and marketing veteran with over 1,600 digital projects to his credit for clients including Morgan Stanley, AOL, Hyatt Gaming Management, Snyder's of Hanover, Hitachi, the Home Depot, Kraft Foods, Drees Homes, American Idol, and hundreds more.

In addition to running a business and writing business books, Sam is a member of the Rutgers University Center for Management Development faculty that provides mini-MBA courses in Digital Marketing to executives from the world’s top brands. His keynote presentation on influence marking and other areas of digital marketing tactics is not to be missed.

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Maximise and Monetize your time on Social Media

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Social media has being said to be all about relationship building, right? Possibly from a self confessed social media expert. Well, the truth is that it’s not wrong,  and the fact is that it is a little misleading.

If you have been trying to personally develop social media for your business, you may have surely noticed that relationship building is horribly time-consuming; with a lot of input for a less than exciting tangible ROI – sound familiar? Just as you wouldn’t be happy if your salesperson spent a week wining and dining a client to bring in a NGN100,000 sale, then any sensible business person has to look beyond the relationship building aspect and calculate the real financial returns for their business.

This is not a climate where many of us can forget that time really is money. Let’s get this clear – social media platforms are free, but the time spent on them comes at a cost.It makes a huge amount of business sense to streamline and rationalise how you manage social media. With the plethora of tools available now to limit the time you spend on the social enterprise and maximise same, there’s no excuse to be ‘tweeting’ or ‘liking’ away your days to get a valid and valuable social media profile. One of such wonderful digital tool that saves you time and money is our social media management suite. Like so many things in business, it starts with a plan. Turn off Twitter, shutdown Facebook and close Pinterest and take that time to think about what you are going to speak about, and most importantly why. I mean, your content, your goals, your strategy. More about that ‘why’ in our upcoming digital media seminar.
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