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Mastering Digital Marketing by Celestine Achi

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

iDigital is an inspirational, three-day digital marketing summit showcasing the best speakers, the sharpest ideas and filled with practical insights and breakthrough campaigns. This event provides decision-makers with essential digital tools to break the mold and unlock hidden revenues.

Get to hone your edge and engage customers on their terms. Adapt execution strategies to enhance integration and drive acquisition across channels. Don’t get left behind by your competition.

Deploy advanced tactics to fortify relationships and steer growth in diverse business lines. Unlock innovation to differentiate your brand and power business results.

In an intimate setting, senior executives have the rare opportunity to exchange peer best practices. Attendees will gain the ability to elevate marketing to the next level for their unique brand.

Your first step: This seminar! Become part of the Digital Marketing community today! To register for this summit, visit

Ways to maximize your Facebook page & automate your postings by Celestine Achi

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

There is no denying the fact that a Facebook page is a must have addition to a brand's digital marketing presence. Knowing what is working and what you are not just getting right on your Facebook page with regards to how your fans interacts with your page has been simplified by Facebook by a detailed analysis and insight provision of same. You can now use Facebook insights to plan your future posts and understand how well to engage with them. Social media as we know it today has gone beyond transactional engagement to consumer engagement. You will find recommended Social media marketing and management tools that can help you achieve your social media strategies effectively and efficiently.
Here are eight ways to connect and understand your audience better as listed by facebook insights

Find Your Way Around
·         Overview: Get a 7-day snapshot of the most important activity on your Page.
·         Page: See how your fan base has grown over time and how people are connecting with your Page.
·         Posts: Compare the performance of all your posts.
·         People: Learn more about your fans and the people who like, comment and share your posts.


Watch Your Audience Grow

See how many times your Page was liked and unliked each day and learn where your likes come from — the different spots on Facebook where people are clicking "Like" to connect to your Page.


Understand Your Reach

Posts that get more likes, comments and shares show up more in News Feed and are seen by more people. Posts that are hidden, reported as spam or cause people to unlike your Page reach fewer people.
If you notice a spike or dip, look at what you posted that day to learn more about how you might have influenced your reach.


Compare Post Performance

Understanding how people respond to your posts is a critical part of being able to create the best content for your Page. With everything in one place you'll be able to see the best and worst performing posts so you know what works and what doesn't.

Get To Know Your Fans
Find out more about who likes your Page (your fans) and who likes, comments on and shares your posts:
·         How your fans are similar and different from other people on Facebook.
·         Common traits of the people who like, comment on or share your posts.

Engage your fans
Engaging your fans through relevant contents, answering questions asked by fans, saying a warming thank
you, tagging, pictorials and contest such as viral coupons, viral surveys, sweepstakes, video, photo and essay
contests, all add up to boost your brand visibility

Recommended Social Media tools:
Social Media Marketing tool:
To grow, engage and generate leads register for free and use CihanVotigo @ The tools also allows you to run different kinds of Facebook contest  from Photo contest, video contest, essay contest, coupons and viral survey

Social Media Management tool:

To manage your several platforms in the same place. automate your postings across several platforms rather than move from one platform to another and to monitor your brand reputation online, register for free and use Sendible @


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Friday, August 16, 2013

"If someone is talking about you, then you have to be there as part of that conversation."  Phil Pearlman.

Every brand needs a voice. Right now, this very minute, an online conversation is taking place….
Your old customers are talking to your future ones, while your potential investors and prospective clients read comments posted by your former employees and make “informed” decisions about whether or not to do business with you. Are you engaged in that conversation? Should you be?

This discussion is the very essence that will make or break the growth of your online brand. By being an active participant in the conversation, you are not only providing new points of entry into your website, but also getting an opportunity to affect its outcome.

If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about. Many of the leading companies have used private listening communities to craft their marketing messages; increasingly, we're seeing companies use data from public social media to guide their messaging as well.
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